DESCRIPTION : オヤジのマイペーストークの対応に困るも健気に返答している性格良し子ちゃん。見た目は黒髪だけどギャルなんですが性格がいいんです。こうゆうギャップ感、最高じゃないですか?玄関入って即フェラ。臭ち●ぽをジュッポジュポ、そのまま口内発射!性格良し子ちゃんはさすがの笑顔対応。上着を脱がすとメロンのような乳房がブラから溢れてる!『フェラチオ好き』と言ってるので今作はフェラが長めです!チロチロ舐め、口含み舐め、目線アリナシ、たっぷり収録!もちろん挿入後の反応もバツグン!タプタプ揺れるF乳ドMを堪能ください!She’s a girl with a good personality who can’t handle her dad’s fast-paced talk, but she responds in a healthy way. She looks like a gal with black hair, but she has a great personality. Isn’t this kind of gap the best? When I walked in the door, she immediately started sucking my cock. She squirts her stinky dick and shoots it straight into her mouth! The girl with the good personality was smiling as expected. When I take off her jacket, her melon-like breasts overflow from her bra. She says she loves to give blowjobs, so there’s a lot of blowjobs in this movie! We’ve got a lot of licking and sucking, mouth-to-mouth licking, with and without eye contact! Of course, the reaction after penetration is also excellent! Of course, she reacts very well after penetration! Please enjoy the F-boobed dominatrix swaying!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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