ACTRESS : エリートリーマン

DESCRIPTION : イカにも仕事ができそうな頼りがいのある雰囲気を醸し出す彼は、きっとエリートリーマンで部下からの信頼も厚いのだろう。今回は普段の仕事で溜まったストレスや欲求不満を、色黒イケメンゴーグルマンで解消してもらう。撮影が始まり、ゴーグルマンに体を愛撫され始めると、彼は徐々にリラックスしていき、身に着けた戦闘服を脱ぎはじめる。ネクタイが緩んではだけた胸元がなんともセクシー。スラックスの社会の窓からジューシーなおチ〇ポを引きずり出してしゃぶらせると、久しぶりの快感に身を硬直させて感じまくる。最後は濃厚白濁汁でゴーグルマンの顔面をマーキングして、自らの征服欲を存分に満たしたのだった、、、、、。(インタビューあり。)He gives off a dependable vibe that makes it look like he can do the job no matter what、 and I’m sure he’s an elite salary man、 who is trusted by his subordinates. This time、 I’m going to ask him to relieve the stress and frustration he has accumulated in his daily work with a handsome dark-skinned supporting man. As the filming begins and the supporting man begins to caress his body、 he gradually relaxes and begins to take off the battle dress he wears. His tie is loose and his bare chest is very sexy. He pulls his juicy dick out of the social window of his slacks and sucks on it、 making me stiffen up and feel more pleasure than I have in a long time. At the end、 he marked the supporting man’s face with his thick white juice and satisfied his own desire for conquest to the fullest. 、、、、、 (Interview available.)

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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